Stop Believing The Bible

One of the best things that a person can do to improve their outlook on the world is to stop believing the Bible and all related so-called scriptures. The fact that the Bible is mythology but yet it somehow has survived until now and is believed by millions of modern people is baffling to say the least.

Belief in the Bible as well as the many other mythological tales is the equivalent to belief in Santa Claus. Many problems with the Bible have been discussed and written about over the years and I will also take the time to break some things down.

If you already don’t believe the Bible then you might want to skip over this material. I’m writing this material for those people that still do take the Bible as the truth or the Word of God and for those that are just coming out of that way of belief.

I once believed the Bible was the True Word of God because I was raised in the Christian religion. As a teenager I went to church but I didn’t really get serious about Christianity until I was a young adult. I studied the Bible regularly and amassed a library of Concordances, Lexicons, Bible Dictionaries, Books on Idioms and Figures of Speech to go along with the 13 Bible Translations that I owned in book form the transitions that I had in digital form.

People used to always tell me that I shouldn’t study the Bible too much but I couldn’t figure out why they would say that. I thought, “This is The Word of God, right?  That means I should study it as much as absolutely possible.” Years later after I got to the point where I no longer believed the Bible, I realized that the best way to stop believing the Bible was to actually study it for myself. That’s very ironic but true.

I will go over specific parts of the Bible in future posts and I will elaborate there.

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