Stop Believing That a Man is SUPPOSED to Provide for a Women

Yes, you read that title correctly. Many women believe that men must be the providers and compel them to do so, and many men take the providing for women role upon themselves with pride. Don’t fall for this scam. First of all, a man is supposed to provide for Himself. Then whichever woman he chooses to be with will receive benefits of Him providing for Himself. Don’t forget about the other side of the equation.  A Women also needs to provide for Herself too. Then whichever man she chooses to be with will receive benefits of Her providing for Herself.

Many of these internet relationship experts/gurus/life coaches or whatever you want to call them are either pandering to and profiting from women, or pandering to and profiting from simps or both. There are two gurus in particular that are at each extreme in my opinion. I won’t mention them by name because I don’t want anybody to be able to say that I am clout chasing, but I will talk about some things that they have said.

The first guy panders to women and has said, “Most men ain’t financially where they need to be because they don’t have a woman who can get them there.”

The “relationship expert” who said that needs to tell that to all of the guys that have been screwed over in divorce court and see what they have to say about it. Many men would say they are actually financially worse off because they had a wife.

The second guy panders to simps, tricks and sugar daddies and said, “A High value man don’t want a woman with money.” The second guy has spawned a new generation of clones and copy cats who parrot his teaching. The only reason a man (especially an older man with a younger woman) wouldn’t want his woman to have money is to try to use his money as a means to control her. When a man is in a relationship with a woman who has money (especially when it is almost equal to or more then what he has), most of the time that is a sign that she really likes him a lot because she is with him and yet she doesn’t need him. When you have money and she doesn’t it is difficult to discern her real motives. This guy has also talked about “High Value Men” having the option of cheating on women and getting away with it and his many copycat knock offs and their followers spew the same lie. Women will just marry these sugar daddy simps, maybe have some kids, wait their time and then divorce them and break them for half of their assets that were acquired during the marriage, child support and sometimes alimony.

REMEMBER: As a man you are not a provider for women but are a provider for yourself. Just because she’s a woman that doesn’t mean that you owe her anything. Relationships are mutual and not one sided

Ladies, provide for yourself and stop waiting on a man to provide things for you. This is 2023 not the old days. When men went to hunt and gather and brought back food, the women didn’t just sit around, they would prepare the food.

When both the man and the woman bring the things that they provide for themselves into the relationship, each of them benefits from all that is provided by both of them. That is how it should be.

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